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coast and form a nor'easter bursting night and friday. temperatures are well above the freezing point. in the suburbs, it gets colder and the light precipitation starts to move in. harford, carroll county, frederick county, northern delaware, 7 pennsylvania. all across the region -- it will be rough. the pink is the winter storm warning. the red, including metro boston -- we are talking 3 feet or more of snow in eastern massachusetts and boston by the time the storm winds down. it will definitely be worse to the north. perhaps a little slippery friday morning. check in for the details are in a few minutes. >> alright. we will check in later. you can track the storms anywhere you are. you can get the updated forecast it every day at
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>> and new tonight, the i-team has learned no charges will be filed against the police officer who shot a mentally ill man through the windshield last year. we caught up with the state attorney's office. and their decision -- officer fred murray's use of force was justified. he was responding to a call for a man with mental illness armed with a weapon. the man kept -- charged at his car with a knife. the officer fired five times through the windshield. a suspect -- a 12-year-old boy -- apparently made threats in two separate incidents before a school officer discovered a weapon in his locker. he has been released to his parents'. no words on the disciplinary
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actions from the school. and the suspect in the triple stabbing is still at large tonight. police have confirmed that the teenager who died was on his way to the ravens celebration. lowell melser in, they have a better idea of who they are looking for? >> yes, they do. that is because of the security cameras. they were able to get a pretty good look at the suspect. he is described as an african- american male. he was wearing a purple t-shirt and a white hat. the 15-year-old victim deontae smith new his attacker. -- knew his attacker. cheering along the street as the ravens parade got underway. but three blocks off the parade route to come up 15-year-old deontae smith was fighting for
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his life after he and two other teenagers were stabbed. >> after interviewing witnesses, looking at the totality of dome, we were able to confirm that the victims were down here for the ravens celebration. >> police say the attack, which occurred in front of a mcdonalds, was caught on one of the city security cameras. >> it shows the attack. it does not show it in clarity. it does show the attack. we pulled up the best images we could to give to your guys. >> police pulled these three images. the suspect is wearing a purple long sleeved shirt and a white hat. police have determined that smith and the suspect knew each other. >> we believe they had some sort of a prior dispute. we just do not know what it was about.
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>> he came up to colorado several times to visit me. >> where smith's mother was staying, his uncle was speaking for the family. his mother, too shaken up to speak with 11 news, as was his stepfather who was wearing this t-shirt in memory of his stepson. the family is still trying to make sense of the situation and is leaving it in investigators hands. >> i do not want to say anything to jeopardize an ongoing investigation. this is a difficult time for my family and the baltimore police department. >> investigators are reaching out to the public tonight, because there were so many people in that area along howard st.. investigators are asking anyone who may have seen anything suspicious to call baltimore police. live downtown tonight, lowell melser, della friend -- wbal tv- 11 news.
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>> alright, thank you. police say a mother killed her two-year-old daughter and disposed of the body. we know that 25-year-old chelsea booth is being held without bail, facing charges of murder and child abuse. investigators cannot confirm how kassidey booth was killed, but they are crediting at tipoff. they still have not found the body. morehile, we're learning tonight about the tragic murder of a mother in owings mills. detectives say the suspect and the victim, katie hadel, had some sort of relationship several years ago. they are still trying to figure out why he stabbed hadel several times. when police arrived, they had to use a tactical unit to gain
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entry to the home. two young children were inside, but they were unharmed. >> the policy of recording the conversations of bus passengers is under attack in annapolis. david collins joins us live with that story. >> the mta policy really has some legislators up in arms. critics believe it is of privacy issue. supporters consider it a critical investigative tool. big brother? or investigative tool? state law prohibits recording oddity without the person's permission. the cameras are being used to settle disputes among passengers. >> it is not being recorded in real time. we are not listening to people's conversations. nor can we hear a conversation.
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>> a new bill would prohibit the practice. the bill's sponsor says that signs telling the passengers they are being recorded does not give the state the permission to violate privacy. >> by getting on this bus, you are agreeing to be audiotaped. to me, that is extortion. >> the state attorney general's office says the way the recordings are being handled is constitutional. >> whether it is constitutional or not, it is not right. the sign?you see >> the baltimore city delegate is in favor of the. his desk is littered with he said/she said complaints. >> 90% of transit have been using audio recordings. the actively. >> some senate committee members
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expressed concern over oversight and accountability. they suggest that the mta should have a manager ride along on a high conflict routes. >> you cannot resolve this by audio taping someone and extorting in return for a ride. >> those tapes are recorded over every 30 days. mta officials say it is too early to gauge how effective the policy has been. wbal tv-11 news. >> well, the world champion baltimore ravens held an end of season press conference today, and boy, what a season to talk about. >> it was interesting. they talked about joe flacco's contract negotiations, what they will do, what they will not do now that the team has won their second super bowl. gerry doing to us with more. >> there is a lot to talk about.
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they talked about joe flacco. the salary-cap situation would avoid having to use the franchise tax on flacco. they will not repeat mistakes following the first super bowl where they had to mortgage the future to repeat the chance. they want to make it clear -- they are not going that route again. >> we are not going to get caught up in the moment and do things to our salary cap and make decisions in the euphoria of winning that could hurt us in 2014 and 2015, like we did in 2001. every single veteran was restructured so that every single veteran could stay. then we ended up losing some many people next year. you have to make sure the excitement of the day does not cloud what we promised to build,
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and that was a consistent when -- -- win. >> it was really interesting to watch today. >> and the big thing is the future. that is the idea of, it is great to be super bowl champion. that is the goal. do not get caught up trying to be the repeat champion. the overall philosophy, at every year you try. >> kudos. you did a bang up job this season. >> today. >> it was great to share with you. >> you have got some time off, don't you? [laughter] >> california's senators decided to make good on their super bowl uygur. they presented the dungeon as crab -- dungeness crab and napa
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valley wine. of course, -- sorry, san fran. >> maybe next time. not. a four-vehicle pileup closed down i-954 hours. find out what caused the crash. >> ahead in medical alert, who is at risk for bacterial meningitis and why. >> we're getting word today that the murder conviction in the chandra levy case may be thrown out. >> i am in washington were cia nominee john brennan comes under nominee john brennan comes under fire o[ male announcer #1 ] verizon fios
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sentenced for murder without any dna evidence. according to insiders at cnn, there is word that that conviction could be thrown out. he was implicated in the case because of his romantic relationship with levy while she worked as a federal intern. >> it has been a long day full of tough questions board to -- tough questions for john brennan. lawmakers grilled him over the administration's drone policy, targeting american terrorists. >> donna, that hearing is still going on. it was contentious at times as brennan defended the drone program, telling lawmakers districts are only used for major threats. >> stopped the killing. stop the drones. >> disrupting cia nominee john
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brennan as soon as he began to testify. the interruption halted the senate hearing for minutes as the intelligence committee question brennan over a secret drone program to target american terrorists. >> i would like to ask you about the status of the administration's efforts to institutionalize rules and procedures for the conduct of drone strikes. >> the president has insisted that any actions that we take will be legally grounded. >> lawmakers lashed out over classified memo this week authorizing the strikes. >> why is it that they felt we were so unworthy of being trusted? >> others argued about the public's right to know. >> what should be done next to ensure that public conversation about drones so that the american people are brought into
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this debate? >> i think this type of discourse between the executive and legislative branch is critically important. >> i have questions about whether this is of major concern to the average american. >> the counterterrorism analyst says the controversy should not affect the eventual confirmation. >> i think this is a broader question for the obama administration. this is something they will have to struggle with. >> brennan also based plenty of questions about his previous work with the state, including the agency wrote harsh interrogation -- with the cia, including the agency felt harsh interrogation techniques. wbal tv-11 news. >> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> at chilly day across the mid- atlantic and here in maryland. the cloud cover keeping temperatures below normal.
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actually start to the morning. the record high -- only 64. one of the coolest record highs we have on the books for baltimore. 64 is not that warm, but it is the warmest it has ever been on this day, back in 19 04. rain across the carolina's. rain and snow in the midwest. both of those expected to combine into one powerful east coast storm. where the two systems come together, that is for the hardest hit areas will be, and that is expected to be off the coast of new jersey, new york, and boston and down east main. we will be on the southern fringe of that. we will probably get some of it. notice the temperature is 31 now? that is important. 33 parked in. 40's in southern maryland. these areas close to the
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freezing point tonight, slippery conditions are possible with light precipitation tonight. that is why the national weather service has issued a one told -- winter weather advisory. light snow or sleet developing late tonight. i think for the evening, we are ok. if you love travel plans, the insta-weather plus forecast is essentially dry. you see the mix of snow and sleet to the north. that will be our lot tomorrow. moderate rain. in between the two systems trying to merge, we will be here in baltimore with a light went to remix. tomorrow, not heavy precipitation, just sort of but a nuisance wintry mix. you can see that they are approaching.
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this is a strong one, a cold front coming from the midwest, and at the mid atlantic. just checking where the warnings and the advisories are in effect, you can see it is a cold one their. a blizzard warning. winter storm warnings. the advisories are a little further south into our area. how much snow fall? pretty impressive. of around boston -- if you just look good are scale, that bright pink shaded area, it is off the scale. around two ft. boston, at least this computer model is indicating, over 3 feet of snow. i know this accumulation getting into baltimore. as this system is leaving, the rain could change over to snow saturday morning and the potential is there for snow, maybe a little more than that over the pennsylvania line. if this kind of a winter re-, a messy, mixed -- wintry mix.
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kind of a breezy, raw, chilly day. we will get some accumulation in the western maryland mountains friday and saturday. good for the skiers out there. snow showers in the morning saturday. it could be heavy rain tomorrow. changing to flurries and snow showers, a windy day on saturday. chilly weather heading into the weekend. snow accumulation saturday morning. then lots of sunshine on sunday. rain on monday. and other coastal storm looks like it might form next wed.. >> all right, tom. thank you. late breaking details from houston medical center. >> startling admission is about unscrupulous practices. we will tell you what happened. >> plus, a new strain of
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whopping cough may be resistant to the vaccine. we will tell you what to look for, straight ahead. >> tax credit that is truly free??
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>> all lanes on i-95 are open after a massive four-vehicle pileup. it happened just south of route 543. this is the view from one of our traffic cameras at the time of the crash, which police say was caused when one of the tractor- trailers' lost power. one person was taken to the hospital, but the injuries, we are told, were not life- threatening. >> and we begin tonight's medical alert with breaking news. a settlement from st. joseph's medical center in connection with false claims to medicare, medicaid, and other federal health care programs. the hospital has agreed to pay $5.1 million in a settlement, acknowledging that it is admitted patients to the
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hospital on necessarily. in particular, it admits that it admitted patients between 2007 and 2009 for short stays on warranted by the medical condition. a case of bacterial meningitis on the campus of loyola university. officials say that the student was diagnosed today and taken to a local hospital for treatment. officials are evaluating the student's roommates and others in close contact with vested and. did say there is very little risk to other members -- they say that there is very little risk to other members of the loyalist community. there may be a new strain of whooping cough that is resistant to the vaccine. u.s. health officials are looking into a dozen cases that may be caused by this same strain, and the new strain may explain why the nation has just
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had its worst year for whopping cough in the last 60 years. they do not believe that the whopping cough is more deadly, but people are getting sicker because the vaccine does not work against it. if your child plays sports, he may want to be less worried about injuries and more worried about the flu this year. experts say it is easy for germs to race through sports teams. player sure equipments. many parents are trying to keep children more healthy by washing everything more often. coaches say this is the worst year for the blue in a long time. >> i have never seen anything like it. in all my years of coaching, this has been the most difficult. >> the coughing and the hacking and people living around. -- laying around. >> there's not much to do about
5:28 pm
it except to keep the equipment clean and hope for quick recoveries. >> and for goodness sake, do not share your water bottles. we have a detailed memo on what is being band that has some rethinking of this. but first -- >> good social media become a portable lesson plan for schools? the story, coming up. >> i am rob roblin.
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>> you are watching wbal-tv 11 news. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 5:00 p.m. with stan stovall and donna hamilton, at your insta-weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist at tom tasselmyer and sky team 11 covering breaking news where you live. wba l td 11 news continues now. >> new at 5:30, facebook, twitter, more class room teachers are logging onto social media people and not for fun, but as a teaching tool. >> this policy would list restrictions on how social media can be used in school. tim tooten joins as with more on the story. >> it is hard to keep up with how fast technology is changing. it should not come as a surprise that more school systems are trying to tap into the good in social media. she is only a tweet away from her school even when she is out
5:31 pm
of the building. >> recently, we have started using twitter to communicate with our parents and share what our children are learning. >> she represents a new generation of educators that values social media. anne arundel county is about to get on board systemwide. they are drawing up a social media policy to enhance education and learning. >> we will use social media for instructional purposes. if the teacher finds a youtube video, we could unblock youtube. they could use it in the lesson. they currently cannot do that. >> educators will create a high- tech path for learning. social media has already gotten a past. >> i see so many opportunities to connect with classrooms across the country and the world. if opens up so many doors for my students. >> these social media policy
5:32 pm
will not go on the books without language to protect students. it will draw the line on how students and educators communicate, but they're also be exceptions in cases where administrators and parents have given written permission. this is the first reading of the social media policy. if approved by the school board, it would go on the books this fall. we have a draft of that proposal on our website. just go to and click on education alert. tim tooten, wbal tv-11 news. >> thank you. our big story this hour, we're in for a messy commute's. chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer has our insta-weather plus forecast. hey, tom. >> the bulk of the storm will be to our north. the main impact will not be until friday. there will be precipitation during the morning commute.
5:33 pm
the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisor for the northern counties. you see the system in two parts. one is aimed at the mid atlantic. the other is also aimed at the mid atlantic. they will combine on the jersey shore just to our north. with all the activity to our north and pulling away, we will just be crushed by the storm and our main impact may be late friday night into saturday morning. more on the details on that and other weekend unfolds in just a few minutes. >> all right. see you in a bit. baltimore police are learning more about the deadly stabbing of a teenager. the suspect remains at large tonight. police confirmed that the victim, a 15-year-old deontae smith, was downtown for the ravens parade. police believe the teenager got into some sort of dispute and a step along with two other teenagers in front of a
5:34 pm
mcdonald's along howard st.. the suspect was last seen wearing a purple long sleeved shirt, as a lot people were down there, and a white hat. a woman has been arrested for the murder of her two-year-old daughter. they still have not found the child's body. a concerned individual called police when kassidey booth had not been seen for days. we will continue to follow the story for any new developments. >> tells some university students are helping educate the -- towson university students are helping educate the public about auto theft. rob roblin has the story. >> it was 1995 when the task force was mourned. it has worked, cutting auto theft 60%. >> they will resell or scrap for
5:35 pm
parts. >> it is a program that encourages towson university students to produce public service announcements to combat auto theft. ♪ >> has it changed from years ago from when i was a patrolman? it was, and sometimes to find the auto thieves would take the cars for joyrides. i think you saw that more. now, i think you see people use of the ups for profit. >> while new technology has helped to reduce audit the up, it is still a major problem. and these are not just looking for new cars. but professional thieves make a great deal of profit of stealing older cars and a scrapping them. it is a great source of revenue produced. scrapping catalytic converters
5:36 pm
and other parts. >> there were three winners in audio and video. lloyd won first place in the video category. >> never leave your car running unattended. >> it is a great opportunity to do something good for the community, to be able to use your creativity also. >> help you get a job later on when you get out of school? >> absolutely. >> overall, over $7,000 of scholarship money was given to the students. rob roblin, wbal tv-11 news. . >> still to come, one of the largest manhunts in l.a. history. >> we have these stories when we cover the nation. >> the loose ends in the felicia barnes case. is a key witness an accessory?
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>> several units of an apartment building in jersey city, new jersey are on fire. officials say all 12 residents inside at the time were able to get out on injured, but three firefighters suffered minor back and head injuries when they slipped on ice that formed after the house was sprayed with water. of former los angeles policeman has gone on a murderous rampage and is now threatening all law enforcement officers in southern california. the a former lapd officer christopher dorner is accused of three dup murders in southern california. he has brought "warfare" to the department after being fired. he owned several weapons
5:41 pm
including an assault rifle. >> the dreamliner jet made its first flight after two weeks on the ground. after a paint job in dallas, boeing got permission to return the plane to washington state, where the ntsb announced a breakthrough in the investigation of battery fires. >> this investigation has revealed that a short circuit in a secret -- a single cell can propagate to adjoining cells and result in smoke and fire. >> but officials cannot explain the short circuit. the plane will remain grounded for a few more weeks. >> still ahead, we will let details on a natural gas surcharge. >> but first, a historic storm moving across new england. what forecasters expect and how
5:42 pm
that area is preparing for the worst. >> folks in baltimore city and county can get their taxes done for free. i will explain, coming up. >> we will check out the complete insta-weather plus forecast, coming up.
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>> good afternoon. here's a look at what we are working on for 11 news at 6:00. the 11 news i-team looks at what could be next for the lead detective in the phylicia murder case. also, a look at what is being accomplished on a very busy day of session 2013. these stories and muc
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>> we are tracking what is expected to be one of the worst snowstorms to hit the northeast and in quite awhile. >> in national weather service posted a blizzard warning for parts of connecticut, new york, and boston. millions of people today are getting ready for a holding nor'easter. -- howling nor'easter. >> across the northeast, the potential for an historic blizzard. many are getting ready. >> we have this if it is really needed. >> stocking up, even marking driveways for snowplows.
5:46 pm
>> it will be hard to tell where there are bush's. sometimes you cannot even see cars. >> two systems will slam together to create a powerful nor'easter with manhattan and maine in the cross hairs of the storm. >> we hope the forecasts are exaggerating the storm. >> basically, stay home. >> we have serious snow. >> parts of new england are expected to be the hardest hit. >> we're talking bull blizzard conditions. it could be the two to 3 feet level. >> with less than 24 hours to get ready, many are not taking chances. >> milk and other odds and needs but i need for the weekend, just in case we cannot get out to the store. >> it could be a weekend for the record books of the forecast
5:47 pm
holds. tv 11 news. >> on the heels of sandy, that is the last thing that area needs. >> and the wind, but the rain and snow. some of the computer models as we showed you -- we will show you again -- over 3 feet. >> i cannot imagine. >> that is all the way through saturday evening. with 60-mile an hour wind gusts. >> that makes it better. >> i think we are lucky to just be -- >> when you talk about that severity. >> that kind of snow is dangerous. >> exactly. impact from the storm will be in two parts. we will catch little but a bit -- a little bit of it friday morning and then a little bit as it is pullg away saturday morning. you have a northern branch system and the southern branch system combining into one, it makes all the sense in the world
5:48 pm
that these things will come together and strengthen. the northern branch out in chicago. the southern branch loaded with mr.. is looks like they will combine in new jersey and head up to england. they will get all this snow in the boston area. that seems to be the focal point for all the snow, metro boston. temperatures in the 40's. we have mostly grain to worry about. for the north, the weather service has put out a winter weather advisory for late tonight and tomorrow morning. indications are light snow, sleet, or even pat you freezing rain will develop tonight or tomorrow morning. if you plans, i think it will be ok. in this light wintry mix moves through our area with lows of 28 to 33. in the suburbs, that is worthy icy spots are -- where the icy
5:49 pm
spots are forming. look how warm it is ahead of this? this one has the moisture. this one will drag in the cold. that is where the blizzard warnings are. down through east maine, boston, all the way through new york city. the red-shaded area. that is the blizzard warning area. you see these really come together friday night into saturday morning. then we get some snow down our way late friday night into saturday. it will pull away from us saturday afternoon, but look, boston is still getting snow. they get a couple days' worth. on the bay, winds during the day, not bad. there is a gale warning for tomorrow night on the bay where those winds will really kick in as the storm is leaving and are rain changes to snow.
5:50 pm
gusty winds on saturday with highs only in the 20's. eastern shore -- the main activity in cecil county. everyone gets snow shower activity on saturday. gusty winds as that new england storm pulls away. are seven-day forecast -- temperatures stay below normal and we bought up to 44 sunday, 48 with rain on monday. >> in our consumer alert tonight, that big blizzard menaces the northeast and airlines are waiving the fees, offering flexible rebooking options ahead of the storm. it is time to start thinking about filing taxes again, and for some people in baltimore
5:51 pm
city and baltimore county, there is free help available. >> maryland's cash campaign is back at work, providing free tax preparation for families and baltimore city and county that is truly free. no strings attached. >> we provide services for families that need less than $50,000 last year or single individuals who made less than $20,000 last year. >> she is back again this year because she found them so hopeful last taxis and. >> if you come in, and they say, well, this is going to this. i paid child-care tax is also. if i were doing it myself, i would not think to get the id for my day care provider and get the refund from a. >> they are teaching people what
5:52 pm
to do with their refunds. >> this way, citizens can get the refund and have that money go to a savings bond or have the money invested into i'm money manager card and that is like an atm card. bit tenuous, in case they have the issue of -- they can use it in case that the issue of not having a debit card to make purchases. >> they are hoping to get the word out to families that could be in for a sizable refund. >> they say there is an average of $14 million of unclaimed tax credit just in baltimore city on. you think about money that could be going back into our city and into our pockets. you make it. burnet. save it. >> you can find more information on our website -- wbal tv-11 news. >> lawmakers in annapolis are allowing natural gas companies
5:53 pm
to seek a surcharge on monthly gas bills to replace aging infrastructure. the surcharge will have to be approved by the public service commission and the money would not be charged until work is done to improve the infrastructure. those who voted for the bill say that the work is necessary to improve aging pipes. but opponents say the company should not axed for -- should not ask for extra money to do what they should be doing all along. baltimore is one of the 20 best cities in the country for women. baltimore area women working full time earned a median income of $47,600 and that puts our area at number 16 on the forbes list. washington, d.c. took the top spot. >> you're talking about airlines. cnbc, i just saw on twitter,
5:54 pm
send out -- sent out an alert. united will be canceling flights tomorrow because of that storm. the grammy awards are coming up sunday night, but they will come with a dress code. this year, cbs is asking stars to cover it up. the network said specifically -- buttocks and female breasts are to be adequately covered. many people the memo stems from extra caution on the part of the network after it aired janet jackson's infamous wardrobe malfunction. the network was initially find for that, but it was overturned. michael johnson has been convicted of the murder of phylicia. away from when you're the opening ceremonies of the
5:55 pm
winter olympics.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> the opening ceremony for the winter olympic teams is just a year way. the excitement is building, but it is not all smooth sailing. >> tonight, they needed official. one year until the opening ceremony for the game's. even as construction buzzes
5:58 pm
ahead, there are concerns. it is a subtropical gun. temperatures there reached -- so the tropical sun keeping temperatures there reached 59 in the mountains. they say that there will be enough snow to hold the games. >> we are collecting the snow from the previous season and using it the next year. >> cost has become a major concern. these are the most expensive that paralympics ever. cost overruns of brought the -- most expensive olympics ever. cost overruns have brought the price higher. the russian president is making his presence known. putin said "you are doing a good job." he demanded one olympics official be fired. he told employees they would
5:59 pm
have to double their efforts, but he was sure they would finish in time. he quoted a thing riskier the street "you can pass all the slalom class, but if you come in last, you are the loser." >> that is all for us at 5:00. here is what is coming up at 6:00. >> we have storms developing in the mid-atlantic. how that will impact us coming up. >> a key witness in the phylicia also an accessory. unfinished business and in the case, next. >> details trailhead. >> you are watching -- details straight ahead. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11 news. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening, everyone. we begin with and 11 insta-

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